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I’m currently in San Diego for my sins!  Lots of sun and surf!

We haven’t written anything new because we’re all on client assignments, good for us but not for you.

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Don’t be afraid to ask probing questions they are vital for successful account penetration

I’m just come back from a week in Las Vegas working for a client at Autodesk University, one of the largest events dedicated to CAD in the world. Nice work when you can get it and the weather was good!

Things haven’t run as smoothly in a number of strategic accounts as maybe they should have. However, selling complex software doesn’t come without its challenges. Things don’t sell themselves and they need to be carefully nurtured and managed to get to the “tipping point”. To arrive at the tipping point you need to have identified the key influencers around the business.

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What makes Selling Successful?

I’m constantly asked by clients how can we make sure that we win every sale.

The simple answer is you can’t and anybody who tells you otherwise hasn’t been in sales.  There are practical things you can do to minimise the number of sales you lose.  You might be surprised to hear that it’s not all to do with selling!

In my experience when reviewing a clients sales performance the reason that their performance is less that optimum is due to not clearly understanding the market dynamics of the market they operate in, have the right sales people with the right training and understand the importance of account planning.   I agree completely that selling is a numbers game but they have to be the right numbers in your sale funnel and you have to be targeted the right customers!

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